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IES09095 박유빈

dead journal. user alive. (to be confirmed)

8 June

Sorry, this LJ is FRIENDS ONLY.

name : 이쁜이/萌え/M*****/박유빈
nationality : French
living in : Seoul, South Korea
blood type : AB
birthday : June 8th
favorite brand : Codes Combine, Zara, Skin Food, Uniqlo (because I'm forced to say it)
piercings : right ear 6, left ear 6/7 (industrial + 5), right cheek 1 -removed cause rejection-
height : 159thedoctorsaidT_T cm (170+/- with high heels)
weight : 45kg
weak point : Inability to remember names, can't cook to save her life
fetish : 김재중
favorite color : silver, gold, white, black, grey, yellow and so on and so forth
favorite animal : cat, elephant

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